SHINE - 5 days intensive Labo in Theatre and Performance

SA 16.11 — 12:30

Fully immersive, international workshop in Theater and Performance directed by Stéphanie Lupo around the notion of FULL PRESENCE ON STAGE AND THE RADIANCE OF THE ACTOR.
The work will be based on jewel texts, including "The Heart of the Awareness" and "Writing on water" a series of aphorisms by Mooji.
The scenic work will be dedicated to the Presence as the purest form of scenic action, be it in silence, moving or through speech.
Work on BEING, FREE, ALIVE, TRUE incarnating SHINING PRESENCE, SPACE, BEAUTY and TRUTH through theatre and performance, based on famous Russian way of acting.

Organizzatore: Stéphanie Lupo
Info:,, Costo: 465 CHF, Info & Registration:,
For Actors, Performers, Dancers, Artists. 1 hour Yoga and meditation offered as complementary part of the art work. Limited places; early demands recommended!

Sala: Sala Grande
Categoria: Arti performative

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